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Baby-sitters Club  character
From the cover of #41, Mary Anne vs. Logan
Title Associate Member
Age 13
Birthday January 10
School SMS
Grade 8
Joins In 10
Family The Brunos
Dates Mary Anne Spier
Cokie Mason
Dorianne Wallingford
Traits Plays every sport ever
Portrayed on TV by Eric Lawton
Portrayed in Film by Austin O'Brien

Logan Bruno is one of the BSC's two Associate Members, who don't come to meetings but are called if no regular member can take a job. He is also Mary Anne Spier's boyfriend for most of the series.

Logan and his family lived in Louisville, Kentucky before moving to Stoneybrook near the beginning of Logan's eighth-grade year. He lives with his parents, his younger sister Kerry and his younger brother Hunter.

Logan likes to make up stories to see if Mary Anne will believe them, but is given away when his eyes crinkle and he starts laughing.

In the Heritage-jeunesse translations (Quebec French), Logan's character is translated into Louis Brunet.



Logan has sandy blond hair and blue eyes. Mary Anne thinks he resembles the actor Cam Geary.


Logan is on the Stoneybrook Middle School football and track teams.

At Camp Mohawk in SS2, Logan earns a Hiawatha badge, meaning he can do any water sport.

Social Life

Logan began dating Mary Anne shortly after he moved to Stoneybrook.10 Meeting Mary Anne is his most vivid memory.SS11 After Mary Anne broke up with him for being too controlling41 , Logan briefly dated Cokie Mason, but preferred to return to Mary Anne when she indicated that she would have him46 . Logan flirted with the idea of a life of crime in Logan Bruno, Boy Baby-sitter but ultimately returned to his wholesome Ken-doll-esque ways. During Logan's Story, he becomes a full member of the BSC when Dawn has to leave town for several weeks to tend to her brother, who needed an appendectomy. When his teammates find out he baby-sits, they start calling him "Lois."


In 109, Logan's father decides that Logan should attend his old boarding school, Conant. With Mary Anne's help, Logan eventually persuades him not to make Logan go.

Books narrated by Logan

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