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Baby-sitters Club  character
Shannon Louisa Kilbourne
From the cover of #38, Kristy's Mystery Admirer
Full Name Shannon Louisa Kilbourne
Title Associate Member/Alternate Officer
Age 13
Birthday March 17
School Stoneybrook Day School
Grade 8
Joins In #11, Kristy and the Snobs
Leaves In Everything Changes
Family The Kilbournes
Traits Academically driven

Shannon Kilbourne is one of the BSC's two Associate Members, except when she takes over the role of Alternate Officer temporarily while Dawn is in California. She lives near Kristy Thomas with her parents and younger sisters, Tiffany and Maria. Like Kristy's family, the Kilbournes are extremely wealthy.


General Information

Shannon enjoys academics and is in a lot of extracurricular activities. She is in the astronomy club, the French club, and the drama club. She also sings in the Stoneybrook Day School choir, and occasionally does voice exercises during BSC meetings.

She fills in as the alternate officer when Dawn was in California, and when Stacey quit the club.

She is the only BSC member who has never attended Stoneybrook Middle School. Shannon is an eighth grader at Stoneybrook Day School.

Family Life

Parents are Ted and Kathy Kilbourne. Father is a workaholic lawyer who works for a huge firm. He used to have a large interest in gardening, which he has instilled in Shannon's sister Tiffany. Kathy does not work, and chaperones a class trip to Paris. Parents both call Shannon "Shanny," which she hates. She is also called "Shannie" by Amanda and Max Delaney. 11

Tiffany is extremely devoted to gardening. She has blond hair and blue eyes and is said to look more like her mother. She doesn't get along well with younger sister Maria, and doesn't do as well in school as Shannon and Maria.

Maria has reddish brown hair and hazel-brown eyes. She loves math, and is a member of the SDS swim team. Maria is a very good friend of Karen Brewer and Hannie Papadakis. She is best friends with Amanda Delaney before she moves away and later on becomes the best friend of Melody Korman.


Shannon has thick, curly blond hair and blue eyes. She often wear black mascara to darken her eyelashes. Her high cheek bones and "ski jump" nose have led some of the club members to describe her physical appearance as "interesting."


Takes tap lessons occasionally 67 .

Fluent in Spanish and French70 .

Animal loverss11 .

Funny, as well as studiousm23 .


She was one of leads in drama club production of Arsenic and Old Lace.

She and four other students at Stoneybrook Day School set up an astronomy unit for a science requirement. Shannon is stated to be the vice president of the Astronomy Club.

Shannon purposely fails a French test to avoid going on a class trip to Paris with her mother.

Shannon's dog is named Astrid of Grenville. Astrid is the mother of Shannon, David Michael Thomas' dog. 11

Was in a summer camp rendition of Oklahoma.70

Best friend is Greer Carson. Also friends with Margaret (Meg) Jardin. Attends the same school as Bart Taylor.38

Her name in the Héritages Jeunesse translation of the books is Chantal Chértien.

Shannon's most embarrassing moment was when she threw up on her aunt's new Oriental rug after eating three cheeseburgers.SS11

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